Not what you see

Eliot wrote some of his poetry here at Margate – although not ‘The love song of Alfred J Prufrock’. Nevertheless I think of this image as Prufrock – the man is not wearing white flannel trousers but he is walking along the beach and seems so absorbed in contemplating his life that he does not notice the unsuitability of his attire.

In reality he is a fake – transposed to Margate but in fact walking across the back of the South Bank in London and thus very suitably dressed for the office.

Here I’m looking down on a deep ravine with river…
but one flick of the slideshow shows that it is merely an outlet on the river Deben. A crop to close up plus a layering of distant trees makes all the difference

The beauty of digital is that we can readily produce images that are not authentic photographs and much more easily, than the famous Cottingley fairy photo collages of 1917. I use Adobe’s Photoshop Mix – more often than not to produce obvious collages – when, for a change, life imitates art.

Joining in with Dale & K’lee’s Cosmic photo challenge “Just an Illusion