the lost park

“Se perdió el laberinto. Se perdieron
todos los eucaliptos ordenados…”

Gone was the labyrinth. Lost
the eucalyptuses so well aligned*
refining the marshes where gardens struck
gold in the muck of ages
and though time pieces fail, yet there is honeysuckle
tendrils can always tangle up a jungle maze
erasing boundaries beyond limitation

a strange creation now with the labyrinth gone
Asterion bewildered by such sudden wilderness
harnessed man and beast to seven sisterly stars
each Fall discharging balefully with fine meteoric ire
fireballs of Halloween where the fleet periodic comet
posits over and again indivisibility of an eliptical river

one mirador with cursory views of long gone faces
can yet trace all who’ve outlived reflection
some are still here to hear the silent fountain
fortune’s rusty squeak of roundabout and swing
giddy giggling children buried in nettles
tennis balls mislaid and rope moldering in a rubbish skip
I go tip-toeing around nostalgia for the lost park

Adding my versifying voice to the Poetry Pantry

Pimp these words series -using another’s first lines to set my poetry in motion whilst I attempt also to stay in keeping with the original
*Jorge Luis Borges (1985)- read full poem with translation – Elegy for a Park