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He always packed a punch in English leather – neat as an overnight lightweight – stratagems of subterfuge tucked side by side in thigh-tight spaces an opaque diary of opportunity contingency plans woven in white linen whip thin stripes on sharp pressed shirts razor and… Continue Reading “Canoodling”

Gaudy hordes

auriculas are strikingly theatrical pimped painted ladies flashing frills and jewelled palettes from stagy shelters; long-stemmed singletons hoisted above fleshy lobes like the auricle of Alpine bears I see them too as tears of heavy-hearted Huguenots – had their only been an oracle there… Continue Reading “Gaudy hordes”

the Catalpa

to thunderous applause June comes in startling finches from storm topped sycamores in a seesaw swaying sea of green roosts sunlight and rain flung on an easterly course and in the mayhem one skeletal tree upstanding its trunk defaced by random woodworking a grotesque of hollow mouth and pop eyes pecked deep within the bark along the… Continue Reading “the Catalpa”