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powder puff

the Persian buttercup convoluted origami on a wispy, wiry stem petal-packed – and when turbanned twice-over barely able to brandish the prettiest pre-eminence to our eulogizing gaze precocious pinks or gorgeous gaudy citrus but surely  floristry’s monstrosity for bees – shall I compare thee to… Continue Reading “powder puff”

sleepy heads

it goes to the head a purple hued perfumery not lascivious lilac or violets in the shade but hot lavender trails for devoted bees do they seem somewhat serene after supping ? or is all this aromatherapy mythtaken? a sort of lisping grasp of… Continue Reading “sleepy heads”

Gaudy hordes

auriculas are strikingly theatrical pimped painted ladies flashing frills and jewelled palettes from stagy shelters; long-stemmed singletons hoisted above fleshy lobes like the auricle of Alpine bears I see them too as tears of heavy-hearted Huguenots – had their only been an oracle there… Continue Reading “Gaudy hordes”