Flying for 10

A decade of WordPressing! At first, I ventured out with a point-and-shoot camera and some high hopes for photography. I’ve upgraded twice since. Currently, I’m using a Panasonic Lumix G6 but am becoming less and less satisfied with what I produce. Under consideration is a more pocketable but equivalent quality camera, for to be honest, I prefer shooting on-the-go. Evidently I’m just a happy snapper – urban landscapes, pastoral scenes, flora and fauna, but that’s OK.

And here are ten quite recent shots to mark this anniversary, starting above with Cannon street bridge

Like me, no longer a smoker – Battersea Power station houses people with money to burn!
Specks of colour in the grunge near London Bridge station
London does make Lilliputians of us all!
London skyline – steel and glass under steely skies
a disappointing summer but Evesham’s river Avon looks good in a glowering mood
More summer glowering from Plymouth’s Leviathan overlooking the Mayflower steps and a brave new world
‘Nimbus’ never glowers when enjoying her home comforts
the colour of Autumn – Japanese anemones always charm me
After the harvest – wistful even under black plastic

Postscript: as suggested in comments by David Meredith, converted to B&W with film grain.

Lilliputian Londoners in Mono

21 thoughts on “Flying for 10

    1. I included the green bag on the right of ‘specks of colour’ as it is mirrored in the bike but a friend I was photographing with, cut it out as a distraction – I can see it both ways. Thoughts?

      1. I like the colour combination/contrast. Maybe because the lime green is mirrored in the e-bike to a degree.

        I’m wondering about the lilliputian London as a monochrome conversion with some “film grain” added to give it a more “gritty” feeling.

  1. The river Avon is my favorite, but they are all enchanting. I find current cameras way too complex for me–I’m always getting into modes I can’t figure out how to get out of. The phone is convenient, but doesn’t take great pictures. What I really want is a decent camera as simple to use as a phone. (K)

    1. thank you – the mood of the day suited the water and made the white buildings stand out
      p.s. that is what I’m looking for too – less bells and whistles and have no need for video

  2. I enjoyed meeting Nimbus. I also liked the image with the splash of red and green near London Bridge station and the composition of “Lilliputians”

  3. Is it okay if I like all 10 with one exception that made me jump in the screen for a kiss on the nose! 😉
    Happy 10, Laura and here’s to many more tens ahead!

    1. ha ha – I am guessing it was not the Plymouth Leviathan you are referring too – a kiss for Hera from Nimbus
      and thank you Marina for all your good wishes – it’s virtual friends like you that have kept me going x

  4. Happy blogoversary, Laura! Love your London pics. I never made it to Battersea on my last trip as the trains weren’t running that day. Hope we can do that together sometime (soon…).

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