Some words do as they say
In an obvious onomatopoeic way
Others cling lightly to the tongue
But in their essence linger on
Like magic lantern shows of us.
Warm toned, melodious
where seabirds drift and
legendary singing sands
beyond reach of tide

Just 44 words for Linda’s quadrille prompt: Linger

37 thoughts on “Abide

  1. A great reflective poem… you are right some words do linger on after you say them, bringing more depth of meaning and vision.

  2. I long to be in the magic lantern shows again, warm toned and melodious. I’m glad you wrote to this prompt, Laura ❤

  3. Oh, I love this! So well-written, and so true. I do want to linger on the word l. .i. .n. . g. . e. . .r–it’s rather sensual. 😀

  4. We all write because we love the way, and the various ways, that words linger! You capture it beautifully!

  5. Laura,
    “Magic lantern shows of us”: words that linger in song, legend. Utterly captivating.

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