October voyager

She travelled
with a small valise
of darkness, and the first few stars
returning to the northern sky,

Kathleen Jamie ~ Moon
Traveller, guide, leader, she 
Roams the cosmic skyways, east to west
Along predestined lines of stardust
Venus settling in her afterglow some
Eventides or far and full from the horizon
Lightening the autumn nights for hunters
Lingering with chilled and clasping lovers, for a haloed kiss
Earth is master, and still this moon's magnetic power
Reaches down to make music of our seas with
Sand and stone and shell

Orb of

An acrostic for Sarah’s prompt: Mooning Around in which we choose one of the full moon names – besides the adjective travel/ traveller (UK spelling), the October moon is also referred to as Hunter, Dying Grass, and sometimes Blood or Sanguine Moon.