October voyager

She travelled
with a small valise
of darkness, and the first few stars
returning to the northern sky,

Kathleen Jamie ~ Moon
Traveller, guide, leader, she 
Roams the cosmic skyways, east to west
Along predestined lines of stardust
Venus settling in her afterglow some
Eventides or far and full from the horizon
Lightening the autumn nights for hunters
Lingering with chilled and clasping lovers, for a haloed kiss
Earth is master, and still this moon's magnetic power
Reaches down to make music of our seas with
Sand and stone and shell

Orb of

An acrostic for Sarah’s prompt: Mooning Around in which we choose one of the full moon names – besides the adjective travel/ traveller (UK spelling), the October moon is also referred to as Hunter, Dying Grass, and sometimes Blood or Sanguine Moon.

30 thoughts on “October voyager

  1. This is exquisitely drawn, Laura! 😍 I so love an acrostic poem. This part is especially striking; “Lingering with chilled and clasping lovers, for a haloed kiss.” 💜💜

  2. I wasn’t sure what was coming, but knew it would be good..two things that make coming to this blog worthwhile, that and originality, & literary bite

    I found much, sensuality too in this movement, even before the haloed kiss of the lovers, and this found the moon’s tale very cleverly contructed. This, of course, is not mere poetry, and it is lovely as a reader to be pulled along by the magnetic power.

  3. I love your October voyager acrostic poem, Laura, especially the image in the opening stanza, the ‘small valise of darkness, and the first few stars’ – travelling light -, as well as the ‘chilled and clasping lovers’ and the ‘haloed kiss’.

  4. Though the ethereal feel of this poem is indivisible, I especially liked “predestined lines of stardust” and “to make music of our seas.”

  5. Really enjoy this piece of Laura I thought it played out wonderfully in the year use of the moon prompt was most effective I especially liked:
    Orb of

  6. This is glorious, Laura. I didn’t notice it was an acrostic till I read your note–it was so subtle and not forced at all.
    I love the predestined lines of stardust and Venus in the afterglow.

    1. I know what you mean about acrostics Merril so am thankful that you felt this voyager flowed more naturally, especially along those favoured lines

  7. Sooo much, a holiday lasting almost forever for this overworked lady.
    I enjoyed reading it, made me think as I followed along.

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