The belletrist

Belle lettres -
what an audacious aural ring
chiming with church
peelers, and that oh so solemn
note, of the vespers bell

No epistles though
we English keep it French
polishing degrees of pedagogue.
Our readers bonded
in one mutually marvellous maxim
- Make Life Literary

a pun(y) poem of 44 words for Kim’s quadrille prompt: For Whom the Bell Tolls

30 thoughts on “The belletrist

  1. Excellent wordplay, Laura! I enjoyed your belletrist quadrille, especially the wonderful use of assonance in ‘an audacious aural ring’ and the alliteration of ‘chiming with church peelers’ and ‘mutually marvellous maxim’.

  2. “mutually marvelous maxim” I’m going to be saying that about 20 times now just because it is so pleasing to say.

    I am curious to see what versions of “bell” people will use, apart from the obvious. I never even thought of ‘belle lettres.” That’s good.

  3. I love “polishing degrees of pedagogue” (had to look up that word). We had teachers like that for sure. And how could I have forgot the solemn bells of vespers. Thank you!!

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