Gimme shelter

Autumn is too often a time for gardeners to crazily clear their gardens. This extension of the tidy house mentality means all the creatures that could benefit from winter shelter are at a loss. All sorts of insects and amphibians lodge in leaf mould, dry stems and foliage, whilst birds feast on seedheads. In turn snow and frost can make great artistry from our perennial detritus.

Only after I had viewed this autumn foliage photo on the big screen did I notice these snails readying themselves for some winter hibernation!!

One for Wildlife Wednesday – and a useful link: Do snails do any good in the garden?

5 thoughts on “Gimme shelter

      1. Yes, I know that feeling. One eye with cataracts, one with a macular pucker. I keep seeing things that aren’t there, blurred. My camera 8s more reliable.

  1. What a nice surprise! I think that’s one of the things I enjoy about photography. I find those little (sometimes hidden) things when I look at a photo on the big screen. The snails look all nicely tucked in. 🙂

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