Shape-shifters #1

" I was alone with a chair on a plain
Which lost itself in an empty horizon
" ~ Arp

Stare at any chair
fuzzy-focused logic
the leash slips
a balloon absconds
adrift in its own airway
planes in plain sight split
in-to s-p-l-i-n-t-e-r-s
shards spill heartwood

Ask the right-side
abstract answers atomise
four legs overturn
kicked akimbo
gravity pulls forth froth
stuffings spit upward
under a shapely horizontal
trite as trash

By now
the knowing knower’s
gone on

First in a series of (attempts at) abstract poems and shape-shifted photoart – this one inspired by Arp ‘The Plain’ – and joining Lilian @ dVerse for another Open Link Night