the shrouded garden

courtyard garden poem -my photoart @eljaygee
Photoart© Pretty Simple

sinks it feet in ground
plants itself humble in the words
(da Costa)

There is a garden that enshrouds you
I was there the other day
bagging a leaf mold harvest
where the sycamore shook itself like a dog
and even without saffron robes
aware of each scrape of tine across gravel
metal on stone – a band of jays mimic the sound
exchanging raucous insults with their cousin crow

Robin heard it too; gleaning with swift surreptitious flights
between the piles. Where I rest, the beady eye
observes and penetrating the bright inky drop in turn
I see a stranger – but call him Bob for company
over the years there have been many such callings
one or other sex no doubt – only they can tell
and all can vouch for the caretaker’s labours

Aquarian bees are absent now. I miss the small swarms
by the dripping tap – they duck head first in gravel
and authorise the filling of the watering can
yet still there is nourishment for the dwindling hive
aromatic scarlet and pale lilac salvia spikes
pin-cushioned asters on long wiry stems
and swags of flowering ivy in the sycamore

even at the excelsus of summer the garden is sedate
nothing loud or eye-wateringly exotic tolerates shade
even at its shallower depths
but scents can be caught between courtyard walls
whites will cool and issue beams like moonlight
evergreens give some assurance of eternity

there is this garden that enshrouds me
from the city clamour just beyond

Opening lines translated from Eduardo Marques da Costa – ” Ha um jardim que te envolve” as Kim invites us to write a poem for her prompt “Johnny’s Garden