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Goodbye November

“The landscape sleeps in mist from morn till noon;And, if the sun looks through, ’tis with a faceBeamless and pale and round, as if the moon,When done the journey of her nightly race,Had found him sleeping, and supplied his place…” John Clare, ‘The Shepherd’s… Continue Reading “Goodbye November”

Haunted by silence

Through planned, positioned trees,round the next bend,we stumbled upon the ruins,still and lifeless, shrouded in mist…. On, past the frugal remains of a kitchenand a refectory carpeted in grass,a chapel, rooflessand still haunted by silence. Fountains Abbey ~ Gill Renard Another misty Autumn evening… Continue Reading “Haunted by silence”

Making the most of Mist & Minimalism

“It amazes me when mistchloroforms the fieldsand wipes out whatever world  exists… …and a crowcalls down to me in its treetop voicethat there are webs and dripsand actualities up there” Mist ~ Alice Oswald A cold spell followed by a warm front brought two… Continue Reading “Making the most of Mist & Minimalism”