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Grief is a leaf

I’m not sure I can howl though certainly there are dread events disembowling enough to summon a Munch scream Lord please spare me that horror piles up in numbers dates, head counts, ages and then little by little the faces appear life-like captures that… Continue Reading “Grief is a leaf”

Waste paper endings

“Every phrase and every sentence is an end and a beginning Every poem an epitaph”* each writer is a butcher chop chop chopping constructs into bite size mouthpieces the stream that rises in consciousness dammed at intervals to pool as paragraphs – phrased just… Continue Reading “Waste paper endings”


on the cusp the vertiginous brink and a dizzying daring leap between then and there their way home and this half way house a precipice that spells recipe for disaster for certain ice and a slippery slope the boy hangs back limp and lolling in limbo like all forsaken playthings when the fun fizzled out… Continue Reading “Pubescent”