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Note to self

“Love is raw as freshly cut meat, mean as a beetle on the track of dung” ~ Jim Harrison  from Songs of Unreason mention love but try not to add anything think of a summer’s day by all means but stay well away from sonnets waffle,… Continue Reading “Note to self”

Easy lines

some words apprehend the next without millstone or rack to ruminate – consecutives in easy lines along folds, pressed together like sheaves – snatches of hymnal associations we keep dry between pages, on knitted brows songs sparked from campfire prayers beside the shrine gathered here… Continue Reading “Easy lines”


It begins with Vigils a sliver of sotto voce inserted into silence monks intoning, muted and monotonic mouths barely moving in momentum communion words converge stream an omnipresent OM through oscines in Matins murmurings rippling onward ’til a raucous rooster assents the choral crescendo… Continue Reading “Matins”