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I murmur. “She inspired the splendid thought Which points to heaven and teaches honest eyesAll worldly lures and winnings to despise:” Sonnet XII There is no word quite so unrealAs perfect outside paradise, for IA mortal maid full-fleshed, shall diePure skin will pock like… Continue Reading “L’aura”

darkling summer

It is that dry, restless time of year up goes the cider apple cheer for the sake of an opaque and mellow mildewed season no rhyme nor reason nor fellow feeling for summer’s stealing away without a bow out comes the plough now harvester has baled hectometres of ripe eared wheat trampled by crow… Continue Reading “darkling summer”


it rhymes with ease assists the bees pollinates peas ruffles some trees lifts her chemise makes music with keys puts sail on flat seas chalk and cheese are gale and breeze by steady degrees rhyme fails to please incoming tempest will shatter dry leaves… Continue Reading “Tempest”