Gaudy hordes

auriculas are strikingly theatrical
pimped painted ladies flashing frills and jewelled palettes
from stagy shelters; long-stemmed singletons
hoisted above fleshy lobes
like the auricle of Alpine bears

I see them too as tears of heavy-hearted Huguenots
- had there only been an oracle there
before that portentous feast of Saint Bartholomew
the Protestant masses massacred
hordes hastening hither with their silk and silver crafts
and a handful of auricular seeds hoarded by-and-by

French settlers that grew new roots in English soil
thrived and blossomed - their prized pots of Primulas
displayed in showcase fashion for Florist Feasts
how often, I wonder, did these émigrés thank the Lord
they had not whored their faith for life on earth

Sarah’s Saturday Mix for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie is : Double Take – utilising two sets of homophones: auricle/oracle; hoard/horde/whored. And today I’m shelving this in the pantry at Poets United