You love me to be beautiful.
God's gifts announced from lips
composed in carmine, and smile
that faintly dimples. Blue bo-peep eyes
with soft smudged kohl, appealing.
There's always something silky
wrapped closely round this female form
cool first touch and warming in the hand

beware the flare  
combusting flame and smoke

a harridan
breaks out
Parrot mouthed, all curse
and cuss, screech toned
as fingernails drawn
bit by bit
Black-holed and blazing irises
see red.
With bedknot hair
I'll fling and shout a tumult
stamp dust from wooden floors
finish this furore
by flying
at the unhinged door

Note – title chosen (despite its supposed origins from Hebrew to French) because the sound invokes the Spanish bruja (broo-hah) – witch, hag, and other unpleasant terms for woman

Björn’s MTB prompt “Meet the Bar with Dissonance” invites us to write poetry whereby the sounds jar and the rhythm is unbroken