10 heart beats

because we are born to ourselves
it will be necessary to love late in life
is this what I first learned to recite?
my memory is yellowing with age
heartwood softens with conceit 

because I am bound to cry wolf
it was imperative to silence any alarm
is this why pain is permitted to penetrate?
my thoughts turn blank with thinking
heart stops midway in my throat

© Laura Granby 2016

10 line micro poetry  a la Stephen Crane for the With Toads challenge: Because it is my heart and checking out the Tuesday Platform

8 thoughts on “10 heart beats

  1. Oh I do like the way you have utilised the quote in this piece. Each line carries its own weight.

    1. that’s the joy of brevity – words count more it seems 😉 lovely comment – thank you Kerry

  2. This is very clever – the two groupings, the format, the tale it tells. I most especially love “because we are born to ourselves, it will be necessary to love late in life.” So true.

    1. thank you Sherry – saw the maths of 5 words and 10 lines and the prompt just set me off into philosophising it seems

  3. To know one’s heart is perhaps the most tortured exercise for poets, a linguistic hi-wire act where the nets are next poems. The clock is ticking here and this business of being “born to ourselves'” keeps one’s own heart-world exclusive of others (at least, that’s a position the speaker learned early on); so how to move into this wild country of Others and Beloveds when the fear, the crying wolf, remains intact and fierce? To write of knowing one’s heart is the conundrum of the last 2 lines.

    1. separating heart and mind is the conundrum Brendan – as always appreciate the dialogue of your comments and particularly like ” the nets are next poems”

    1. thank you for that word and your comment – learnt something new!

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