Gold dust

A small, still green umbrella of a tree
stood its ground in the graveyard , just as a soldier might
against the bloody rust and decay of the last battle.
And there you sat - such a life-like resurrection
I left my body to come and see
a stranger rose and went by instead, kicking up up leaves
and each mid-October your going nudges the ribs
breaking in again to the heart centre
- that nugget you left for us to invest
we still waste

These 10 lines dedicated to the memory of a devoted friend and teacher – and written for  A Splash of Rust and Gold – Micro Poetry

10 thoughts on “Gold dust

  1. “And there you sat – such a life-like resurrection
    I left my body to come and see
    a stranger rose and went by instead, kicking up up leaves” That is so intriguing… makes me want more.

feedback is food for thought....

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