Spatial awareness

It's the heartland without much heart. Drill, crane, digger, gutting outside in and transplanting steel and glass organs of business. And at this throbbing head of civilisation, we push and tut, and rush to travel from homes beyond the pale. Communities without gates arise in the city centres where the only pass is enough currency to have to waste to spend. I live at the boundary where opportunistic side-liners glean. Street vendors, ticket touts, card sharps, thieves with big pockets and a knack of distraction pass me by. People looking for their fix, beggars who ought to know better and those who have slipped the net. They snuggle with folded bed and canine companion while the thousand and one feet fill their gaze. I sometimes stop to pet the dog, buy a poem, offer coffee or a punnet of foreign strawberries. The city is the kindness of strangers.
sardined in a tube*
contact by transient smile
beams of wintry sun

Written for Björn’s DVerse haibun Monday prompt: Contemporary cityscape

18 thoughts on “Spatial awareness

  1. I do love the kindness you found there… what a wonderful image that is.. also love that comment you tied it too… when I think London I always think about the first chapter of Bleak House… yours is kinder…

    1. was pleased to find that Shelley quote for the image – great prompt – and you had me turning back to Bleak House to read of all that mud and fog

  2. I love that you pet the dogs and give strawberries. Indeed the city is oftentimes kindness to strangers. Lovebyour descriptions of the various London districts.

  3. I’m not a city gal, but I did like London. There is a busyness, mixed with a cheerful friendliness there. Your description of the little things and simple actions is so pleasant. Very nice.

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