the lift

X marks the spot
pen and ink drawn outlines on the naked
an artful coupling veiled in hottest red

was it just a bare wall begging for paint pot
spare street canvas of passionate position
or maybe some directive in its juxtaposition?

not necessarily a foul aimed shot
disgusting dig at the disabled - but a kind of elevation
wheelchair bound for a rooftop garden

Mature message and an ekphrastic for this week’s poetics: And the sign said..

18 thoughts on “the lift

    1. do not normally go this far with my poems (!) but the juxtaposing struck a chord

  1. Now that’s a way to get a “lift” before taking the “lift!” Love this take on the prompt.
    We will be in Valparaiso, Chile next January and I am so excited to see all the street art there. I suspect it will be an amazing poetic muse 🙂

    1. glad you appreciated the humour Beverly – had momentary doubts about suitability!

  2. I was staring at the picture and I just noticed the “X” in it. It might not fit such an elevator, but maybe it will amuse those riding in it.

    1. took me a while to spot the x and gave me the first line and the lift followed on from there

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