the ballet class

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREinfant ingénues
imagining woods and sylphs
whilst Madame tutted and rasped
with her smoker’s cough
and we wished for the swish
of tulle and satin shoes
of perfect pliés and points
for turning circles on mirrored glass
to the tune of a Chopin polonaise

in wrinkled tights and small tutus
we danced the love of the lure
slowly – the way swans died
and the fated faded inconsolably
we were wisps spirited away
on a virtuoso violin
’til the varnish wore thin
and the Prima Donna dreams
became a step too far for tiny feet

Susie is in the Imaginary Garden today and entices us to: “Keep Dancing

27 Comments on “the ballet class

  1. This reminds me of many hours spent watching my daughter and her classmates practice and perform their dances. They were so cute when they were 4-year-olds learning the steps, and they became so accomplished over the years. Beautiful words. Happy memories. 🙂


  2. How this reminds me of taking daughters to ballet classes and hoping as they did too,that more would come of it but…those dreams faded away as teenage years presented other lures.


  3. I had those dreams, too! I love the details of Madame tutting and rasping with her smoker’s cough, the alliteration in ‘we wished for the swish / of tulle and satin shoes’, and the ‘wrinkled tights and small tutus’.


  4. There’s such a fragrant sense here of impeccable yearning at the bar no one can reach. So finely wrought and recalled.


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