Chromatic conjurer by night
vivid sights for flight and fright
cryptic signs in lust's designs
guessing games of who entwines
shape-shift scenes, expectant pause
door to door down corridors
coming up for words and air
remarkably bare
this waking dream
almost monochrome it seems

A touch of escapism as De asks us to Dream for Quadrille #38 And finding more poets in the Imaginary Garden’s Tuesday Platform

37 thoughts on “Imaginings

    1. thanks for the reassuring comment Sherry as somehow the rhythm took hold – bit like the witches of Macbeth- bit relieved when it broke at the end like waking from a dream state

  1. coming up for words and air … especially liked that line and the image it created in scary monochrome! (I was thinking of shape shifting too, though in a different context!)

    1. so unusual for me too – did not know I dreamt in rhyme! thank you for prompt and prod to get the poetry ink flowing again

    1. had to double check when the word first came to me! you are musical so it must have sounded like that 🙂

    1. Thank you – Finally found a poem to match this photoart which I dreamt up some while ago

        1. appreciate your appreciation ❤ – another pastime of mine to transform some of my photos

  2. ‘Chromatic conjurer’ – a marvelous alliterative phrase, Laura, which is beautifully illustrated by the image. I also enjoyed the internal rhyme of ‘light/fright’, signs/designs, door/corridors. I almost felt sucked into the waking dream.

    1. Thank you for a lovely comment Kim – got sucked into rhyme with this one. Poems have their own momentum it seems.

    1. oh thank you for all your attempts Sumana- as a fellow WordPresser there should be no problems for you (I often find google id and bloggers blogs a struggle sometimes)

    1. thank you Lynn – an apt comment for life as it reminds me of the Chinese blessing/curse ‘interesting times’

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