maybe and then perhaps not do I believe
all in all magic probably needs an a & l to make it real
god is the likeliest source - wholly on a high
inverse of course summons something terribly black
conjuring the uncanny with decapitated hens
against such shadows there are spellbinding scenes
longlasting enough for love to alight

Coming up with an acrostic after Franks prompt this week and written for Paul’s Poetics: Magic

42 thoughts on “magical

  1. Wonderful acrostic but the last line…oh my. I hope there will be more than enough Love to shed light on everyone of us. Beautiful.

    1. I hope so – with your magic poem you at least know of that you speak!

    1. Thank you – rarely write acrostics but this one emerged as if by magic!

    1. a good comment Beth – thank you. The opening line sets the ambivalence as magic has a dark side but as adjective it goes along with all the mystical magical occasions including falling in love ❤

  2. “I go tip-toeing around nostalgia”

    Luv this line. Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Standard today Laura

    Much 😍 love

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