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Mighty the Wizard/ Who found me at sunrise  Sleeping, and woke me/ And learn’d me Magic! Merlin and the Gleam ~ Tennyson You ascribed it to allureyet you it was who lured usover bold, bare mountains with phantasyand promises of spellbound visionsI, bewitched by… Continue Reading “Merlin”

magic moments

magic refers to an object that does something special magical gives something an air of enchantment and mystery. Catherine’s word for today made me think again, on the magic that is photography. When I googled it, I found articles talking about the magic of… Continue Reading “magic moments”


maybe and then perhaps not do I believe all in all magic probably needs an a & l to make it real god is the likeliest source – wholly on a high inverse of course summons something terribly black conjuring the uncanny with decapitated… Continue Reading “magical”