pause for thought

photoart & peom - pause for thought
photoart & poem – © 2018 Laura Granby

Does it matter one insignificant jot
that in that late and hot
sybaritic summer, the rot set?

But then weren’t we just a pair
of overripe plums…daring
to fall further than we cared?

What would have been the outcome
had we at least begun – with blossom?

Do you still possess my pitiful poesies?
Or muse, like me, on these meddlesome memories?

Is it awkward and mildly mawkish to make the inquiry?
Am I stuck in reverse with this retrospective query?

Do ponderings always dredge the sludge of  years?
Questions are evidently made for ears

– are the marks not fashioned so?

Björn invites us to makes pauses in our poetry with the dVerse prompt: Meet the Bar with Silence


  1. I find questions so much more interesting than answers… also love those little pauses in thought… it would be great to hear a recording of this as well, but I really find those pauses I think.

    Love the thought of being overripe before you bloom… a great metaphor for those relationships that are over before they really begin.


    1. thank you for this feedback Bjorn – your prompt was so well illustrated and gave pause for thought! The use of the question mark is a powerful silencer especially when there are no answers
      p.s. I keep thinking of recording but the techno effort holds me back


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