pause for thought

Does it matter one insignificant jot
that in that late and hot
sybaritic summer, the rot set?

But then weren't we just a pair
of overripe plums...daring
to fall further than we cared?

What would have been the outcome
had we at least begun - with blossom?

Do you still possess my pitiful poesies?
Or muse, like me, on these meddlesome memories?

Is it awkward and mildly mawkish to make the inquiry?
Am I stuck in reverse with this retrospective query?

Do ponderings always dredge the sludge of  years?
Questions are evidently made for ears

- are the marks not fashioned so?

Björn invites us to makes pauses in our poetry with the dVerse prompt: Meet the Bar with Silence

21 thoughts on “pause for thought

  1. I find questions so much more interesting than answers… also love those little pauses in thought… it would be great to hear a recording of this as well, but I really find those pauses I think.

    Love the thought of being overripe before you bloom… a great metaphor for those relationships that are over before they really begin.

    1. thank you for this feedback Bjorn – your prompt was so well illustrated and gave pause for thought! The use of the question mark is a powerful silencer especially when there are no answers
      p.s. I keep thinking of recording but the techno effort holds me back

  2. Laura your poem is wonderful with its circular musings and the pauses are inserted so subtly that we miss it, which is the mark of great poetry!

    1. What a lovely comment Jilly. I like your perception of circular musings – endless questions like fish rising silently to the bait!

    1. ‘Cider tart’ – most perfectly envisaged – maybe mixed with a little plum brandy?

    1. Thank you – it’s a great word full of suggestion. And thanks for noticing – I do not often rhyme.

    1. Just how I intended Vivian – so thank-you. The questions should be read as thoughts that come intermittently

  3. Great poem–very clever lines and thoughts here (and I mean clever in a good way!) That last comparison of ears with question marks is terrific!

    1. Glad you spotted the suggestion and many thanks for a very nice comment

  4. I liked this central couplet: “Do you still possess my pitiful poesies?
    Or muse, like me, on these meddlesome memories?” The watercolor is also beautiful.

    1. Thank you -was not quite sure with that couplet – composed the photoart after I finished the poem on this one

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