The con

photoart & poem – ©2018 Laura Granby

I can still taste them
bitter tiers of melting darkness
a hand-picked assortment of affection
for a pauper’s gratitude, one Valentine’s
when frost was on the ground
the con in confectionary escaped notice
your gift pure affectation, beggarly
double layered with innuendo
smutty smooth-talking soft centres
whipped creams
lemons crushed to luscious licks
almond crunch with arsenic overtone
broken teeth and a rotten heart
– never should have taken chocolate from strangers

Whipping up some bittersweet in the Imaginary Garden’s Love Hurts


  1. You have now conjured in my mind and taste buds a box of Black Magic – that long ago seemed such luxurious chocs until one learned better. A darkly verbal confection. Luscious licks indeed!


  2. Oh my goodness, I am so loving the responses to this prompt. The broken teeth and rotting heart………too perfect. I was always looking for a heart of gold – and finally realized it was my own heart that was golden.

    Liked by 1 person

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