morning birdsong
photoart and poem – ©2018 Laura Granby

It begins with Vigils
a sliver of sotto voce inserted into silence
monks intoning, muted and monotonic
mouths barely moving in momentum
communion words converge
stream an omnipresent OM
through oscines in Matins murmurings
rippling onward ’til a raucous rooster
assents the choral crescendo

Late for Monday Matins with 44 words for De’s Quadrille: Murmur but still in time for the Imaginary Garden’s Tuesday Platform

35 thoughts on “Matins

    1. my two favourite literary devices but you provided the prompt with the loveliest of onomatopoeics!

  1. “monks intoning, muted and monotonic mouths barely moving in momentum” I so love the way this sounds.. it could be a tongue twister!💞 Beautifully executed.

  2. I have always loved matins….and the chanting which is so mystical to me. The repetition of the m sounds, the words. This is Matins!

    1. A touch of Gregorian plain chant crept in here – I second your appreciation – thank you

  3. I have heard a roomful of monks singing together ( not in a church but in a gymnasium) and it is soul stirring – as is this lovely Quadrille

    1. How well observed Lynn – even the poet had not made the connection- consciously at least

  4. Roosters are just show offs. Luckily I was quick enough to read the ‘Ommmm’ as it flowed though to oscines. Beautfiully inventive.

  5. Oh, how beautifully you built it up, only to startle us all with that rooster. 🙂

    1. Glad Old rooster had the. desired effect – the starting cock for the dawn chorus! He makes a good contrast with murmuring monks too since he only does stentato voce

  6. I love the vocal tenor of this, plainsong rising and falling, intoning an old bell. “Oscines,” great word to add to my psaltery! Matins are my magic hour – 4 a.m. every morning — with the night for fellow brethren.

    1. Alas from vigils to matins I sleep and dream of murmuring monks! Thank you for listening Brendan!

  7. murmurings
    rippling onward ’til a raucous rooster
    assents the choral crescendo

    To relive the day they were born would be so heavenly and precious. Great take Laura!


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