Bent sideways on his bedroom bench
the way a tree gives permanence to prevailing winds
backpack pillowed beneath blanket disguise
on the verge of last night's puddles, tiptoes anchored
a rough sleeper ready set to go

In just five lines, am meeting Frank at the bar with the shortest of prompts: Brevity

18 thoughts on “Benchland

  1. Nice sound such as the alliteration in the first line and the similar sound between bench and permanence. It reminds me of someone I’ve seen homeless on the street although you might have had some other meaning.

    1. nice comment Frank – bench and impermanence too. A rough sleeper seen recently

  2. i imagined being bent by sleep like the tree was to prevailing winds, a very interesting thought. i so enjoyed the flow of your words describing the tree and the sleeper, both had relinquished themselves to an outside influence.

    1. interesting comment – I see more contrast now too between rough sleeper and tree

    1. thanks for that Rosemary – I have just that one impression I tried to relay in words

  3. Brevity did not take away from the depth of this unique piece. My interpretation is of recent events but I could be way off.

    1. the brevity speaks of the passing glance – it was just right here though I found it difficult to keep it short

    1. thanks Sarah – physically similar but contrast of rooted vs uprootedness!

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