snow blind

The daffodils are blind this year
- so far not a single, swell-headed narcissus in view
no sunnily smug and easy pickings for the gardener
searching out the first gold glimmer this side of October
wintry blasts have stolen a March on them all
laying the profuse green spears flat as nine pins

Once deprived of sight
they'll never see another Spring
consigned to compost and ashes
but there are others to resurrect in the spirit of Easter
late Jonquils that flower when the earth is warm enough for weeds
regardless of the moveable feast

A poem of hope after dark despairing days of family illness – and a flowery one for the Imaginary Garden’s Tuesday Platform . And many thanks to Sherry for all her efforts in featuring this blog at Poets United

18 thoughts on “snow blind

  1. It’s demoralizing to see some of those early blooms get eaten up by freak storms. I’m glad that some hope has returned. 🙂

    1. I liked the seeming triviality of the blind daffy and them as metaphor for current crisis with hope to come

  2. I sympathise with family illness. It seems I have been going through it for several years. But…spring is starting to open up, even if it freezes tonight. I love the thoughts of your blind daffodils. Mine last year were blind but arose seeing this year. I really enjoyed the interview with you at Poets United. It was good to learn more about you.

    1. Illness brings everything into sharp focus but I take heart from changes for the better – thank you for getting to know me better!

    1. Yes there is a strong feeling of being cast down and rising up with Spring

    1. Many thanks Beth and will find time soon to pop over and see how your narcissi are 🙂

  3. Vividly and beautifully said. I hope it is a good renewal for your family, too.

    1. lovely thoughts from you Rosemary – I am looking on the brighter side now!

    1. Glad to hear they gripped Margaret – literally came to me as I was walking through slushy streets – thank you

    1. appreciate your kind words Tina – Spring is promising to be a salve 🙂

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