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A stray bare branchraps against teary, dreary panesI tap the barometer rain-no-change its outlookI’m looking out, a stir-crazy ladygardener stuck in an indoor mire mired in mud, daffodilshave raised swathes of souffle-lemonI’ve a taste of things to come Joining De in her 44 word… Continue Reading “Outlook”

snow blind

The daffodils are blind this year – so far not a single, swell-headed narcissus in view no sunnily smug and easy pickings for the gardener searching out the first gold glimmer this side of October wintry blasts have stolen a March on them all… Continue Reading “snow blind”

the jolly Jonquil blues

Domesticated daffs so chidingly cheerful shock of the new in a melting landscape a weepy film indeed for impressionable eyes Bold brimstone drifts and sexed up yellow massed bands of trumpeting brass heads tally-hoing happiness like fox to the hounds Now in this spongy springiness of… Continue Reading “the jolly Jonquil blues”