sleepy heads

it goes to the head
a purple hued perfumery
not lascivious lilac or violets in the shade
but hot lavender trails for devoted bees
do they seem somewhat serene after supping ?

surely it is just a dream of summer
pillowed in the grass
narconerverous - if ever such a word
could make this scent a somnolent

Joining FireBlossom in the Imaginary Garden for her prompt: Poetic Imagery

23 thoughts on “sleepy heads

  1. Lavender is one of my favorite soothing scents. I can’t wait to run my fingers over a cluster of lavender blooms this summer.

    1. Ahh but are they busy or sleepy?

      Happy Easter to you too Diana

  2. I love the scent of lavender. my house smells of lavender and lemon…surely it is just a dream of summer pillowed in the grass….wow.

  3. Yes please, Laura, I love that ‘purple hued perfumery’ and the ‘hot lavender trails for devoted bees’! I use lavender oil on my pillow to help me sleep.

    1. I do too but the association with busy bees is not conducive to sleep!

    1. Some summer longing in this poem as Spring so cold and wet so far

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