it's all wrapped up
this birth, budding
in secret corridors
swollen fallopians
bellies blossoming
sakura of soft pink
skin-creased sorrows
fall in a fruity flush
fleshed out to rot
annular imperfection
ring cycle of an ovoid
is egg, yoked to hope
Easter's iconic trope

Joining Kim’s quadrille in which 44 words surround a timely, festive Egg

53 thoughts on “Egg

    1. thank you for this clever play on words Paul that completely passed me by when I wrote this i.e. can hear oestrus too

    1. supposedly derives from the goddess of Spring but am not sure that the hope thatit brings can ever be overused!

    2. p.s. the image is one I created some years ago and just found it nestling on my hard drive!

  1. “bellies blossoming sakura of soft pink”… sigh.. such a gorgeous, gorgeous write!💖

  2. Wow, Laura, this is such a rich egg, full of imagery! I especially enjoyed: ‘budding in secret corridors’ and the sibilance and alliteration in:
    ‘sakura of soft pink
    skin-creased sorrows
    fall in a fruity flush’.
    The end couplet is perfect.

    1. Spring has rather stirred my moribund imagination into something more fecund! Lovely words – thank you Jane

        1. well said Jane – renewal follows decay which follows etc – hence my annular!

    1. thanks Frank – its that imperfection I think that creates the cycle – maybe life is striving for the perfection it will never reach?!

    1. interesting how you picked up on the motion which is hidden within and by the egg

    1. yes it is that coming back to life feeling so resonant of Spring – and Easter

  3. Love the image…….love the birthing images within the words. I always love spring….when winter disappears and heavy winter coats disappear on the streets and suddenly there are women with swollen bellies whose pregnancies had been hidden by that cold season’s wear 🙂

    1. still hanging on to coats with the return of some chill for Easter but regardless the birth of the year is here coupled with a death and resurrection

  4. I especially like this…..
    “it’s all wrapped up
    this birth, budding
    in secret corridors”
    New growth transpiring behind closed doors that we perhaps take for granted.

    1. well observed and understood Mish – you have the heart of a poet!!

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