Easy lines

photoart & poem – ©2018 Laura Granby

some words apprehend the next
without millstone or rack to ruminate
– consecutives in easy lines
along folds, pressed together
like sheaves – snatches of hymnal
associations we keep dry
between pages, on knitted brows
songs sparked from campfire
prayers beside the shrine
gathered here today

A late assemblage of 44 words with Lillian for her quadrille prompt: Shall we Gather
And so am also free-ranging in the Imaginary Garden’s Tuesday Platform


33 thoughts on “Easy lines

  1. Such exquisite imagery in this one, Laura!💜 I love “snatches of hymnal associations we keep dry between pages.” Happy Tuesday!💜

    1. many thanks Sanaa – glad the garden was open for this late quadrille

  2. “pressed together
    like sheaves – snatches of hymnal
    associations we keep dry
    between pages, on knitted brows”
    Loving the reference to the solid hymns so many of sung for so many years….
    Gathered together indeed.
    Well done!

    1. the first association when I saw your prompt Lilian – bringing in the sheaves!

    1. and what a relief when they readily gather together – appreciate your appreciation Robert

  3. I love the imagery in this poem. And as I read I thought of hymns from yesteryear

  4. Oh those first two lines captured my attention. A wonderful write strengthening the very message of your poem.

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