In perpetuity

raindrops on snowdrops
late February after the melt
where Marjorie, beloved sister
always missed, resides perpetually
in peace, in Latin script
milk flower coverings
modest sprays that naturalize
with splendid vigour; vital signs
of the ever recurring year
to a graveyard here in Worcestershire

Unearthing an old memory for this out of season poem in 44 words for Kim’s quadrille prompt: rain

35 thoughts on “In perpetuity

    1. The Victorians regarded them as a symbol of death and would not have them in the house but either way, snowdrops are perfect for graves Grace – and this churchyard was full of them.

    2. just read your poem which resounds with a sister’s grief – this was just coincidental – memories of a grave once seen in a Worcestershire churchyard

    1. thank you Walter – fortunately not mine but it makes us think of our own

    1. had not intended to be so melancholic for the quadrille but this poem came out of the blue!

    1. she was someone’s sister and I recalled her grave with the flowers in a churchyard full of snowdrops

    1. Jo-Ann your observation is spot on – almost subliminal for me in writing this

  1. Your opening line is wonderful, Laura. At first I thought, ‘That should be raindrops on roses…’ and when I read it again, I heard the splash of raindrops. A poignant Quadrille and a lovely resting place for your sister.

    1. yes roses are more in keeping with May but for some reason my thoughts turned back – melancholic yet enjoyed the prompt – and fortunately not my sister

    1. sad snowdrops -lovely laburnum – though death lingers in those seeds.
      p.s. Have some time to read and catch up with others now so coming over to read

        1. – have you read ‘My Cousin Rachel’? All parts are poisonous but deadly in large enough doses,especially the seeds.. There are non fruiting ones – cultivars , such as L. x watereri ‘Vossii’.- but you have used Laburnum as symbolic of poison jealousy

      1. We poets should know not to assume every write is personal biography…lovely (and convincing) writing none the less!

        1. I too assume the autobio – thank you Lynn for your convictions!

    1. I think I should have made a note at the end that this is not personal but only a poem – we readers cannot always see where poetic licence begins 😉

    1. thanks Jilly – small warm hearts beating under all that snow!

    1. oh how geo-centric we are – snowdrops as novelty must be sheer delight

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