travel costs

The cost of flight is landing ~ Jim Harrison

even a dragon has to land
it’s elemental for ariels
the swoop through clouds of fear and awe
and angels willingly gravitate
their travel costs a down-payment
on mortal lessons in upheaval
yet to have a thirst for thrust
feet first from earth we grow
wings are never pressure proof

Joining Jilly and her inspirational quotes from Jim Harrison for Day 2 of 28 Days of Unreason

21 thoughts on “travel costs

  1. This just expands and expands, like deeply drawn breaths in and out of lungs. Superb! Quite enjoy the mixing of the angels, the dragons & the mortals, making the reader feel the differences between them. I am so very glad you’ve joined in, Laura!

    1. and thank you for expanding our imaginations with your 28 day prompt – so much more to look forward to

  2. I really like this one. I’ve read it over a few times. I like the way the lines wraparound, and feel like I’m taking off with them at the end.

    1. I strive for the wraparound quite often so the breath does not stop short at the line – thank you for taking off here!

  3. ‘feet first from earth we grow’ I like that phrase, partly the alliteration, but also the image of feet of clay contrasted with the unreliability of wings.

  4. Shades of Icarus in that last line. The history of flight in verse. Well tuned and well painted in words appropriate to the slipping of the surly bonds.

    1. Thanks Charley – there’s nothing I like more than an unexpected adjective -‘surly bonds’ – I love that!

        1. am going to read and digest – yet another poet I knew nothing of

    1. Lovely comment – many thanks – I cannot resist the alliterative tongue twister!

    1. Yes we fly by aspiration and inspiration and have to hold our breath as long as we can knowing the pull of earth!! Thank you Sarah

      1. You’ve reminded me of the classic quote from Toy Story – “That’s not flying, that’s falling with style”! Sometimes i wonder how my brain works.

  5. kaykuala

    yet to have a thirst for thrust
    feet first from earth we grow
    wings are never pressure proof

    Even though all resources are made available an escape route can be blocked for some reasons or other!


    1. we are earth bound creatures Hank – fallen angels – we fly by imagination and still get writer’s block!!

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