false flag

“Nearly everything we are taught is false except how to read”
Jim Harrison (Songs of Unreason)

Like a hound dog I followed the first letters
into words into chapters of life is elsewhere
then with nose fatigue, too saturated to sniff out another
fiction filtered into factual and the holy grail of truth
a hopeless task which took in topsy-turvy travels
digging truffle-like into the trail of words
digesting sounds, losing the meaning
listening to a troubadour Jew from Montreal
engaging Eliot at his most enigmatic

I was taught that nearly creates quite a big reservation
bears down on how close the missile misses the plane
how far from the winning line was our sure-fire cert
someone was nearly married but when the affianced vanished
her insides turned out , a red-head went white
mostly what I learned was almost right
except how to read the signs, to know some held court
under a false flag, could send semaphor by subliminal means
silently weigh anchor and disappear as the Dutchman

Am enjoying joining Jilly and her Jim Harrison picks for prompts on this Day 11 of 28 Days of Unreason