“I took a nap and wept for no reason”
Jim Harrison (Songs of Unreason)

It was just forty winks I think
waking wet through and sad as hell
the bedroom blazed with late afternoon sun
drying out and all the time crying and minding
how anyone could sob for no other reason
than a vanquished dream – but solace does not come
in shades of common sense and heat from the window pane
re-kindled the fantasy…

clouds of smoke from the kiln
captive to a luckless lover, a glass-maker recounting reams
of bereavements, sorrowful events our world invents
and all the tears he summoned taken, drop by drop
pipette in hand, blown to beauty of bottle and bowl
then he would cut to the core with a Collect of cruelty
til I dripped and set hard into star shine goblets
and diamond decanters

Today is his birthday, I shall raise a sanguine glass
with ‘Cheers’!

Joining Jilly for her prompt pick of quotes from Jim Harrison on this Day 13 of 28 Days of Unreason