Colouring a grey day

When the sky is almost one grey blank canvas we have the challenge of a flat canvas and shadowless landscapes…but it has advantages.

” overcast days make the colours pop. Flowers, people dressed in colourful outfits, brightly painted buildings or other colourful scenes are all going to benefit from that diffused light.”

everyday_LAC (3)
everyday_LAC (4)

With the absence of contrast, detail is much more pronounced

everyday_LAC (2)
everyday_LAC (8)
everyday_LAC (7)

Photography is all about light and you have light, you simply need to take a different approach to using this type of light”

everyday_LAC (9)

For Photographers:
5 grey day projects to try

Amy is the Lens-Artist host this week and she invites us to show “Everyday Moments” – these are from my walkabout on a dry but overcast day today

22 thoughts on “Colouring a grey day

  1. Beautifully done! These are wonderful tips and reminders of how to colouring a grey day.
    Thank you for taking time to participate. 🙂

    1. By the way its called ‘the Vase’ – literally – because it was inspired by a Scandinavian glass vessel from the fifties that the architect has in his private collection.

    1. Thanks Jude – Too often I take photos on bright sunny days & end up avoiding colour shots so it was fun to be on the hunt for the vivid hues 😉 of course I could not resist some b&w too but that is for another post

        1. in the current quick change low light conditions I have started using aperture priority mode more – setting it low and letting the camera alter the shutter speed. In manual could not keep up with it!

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