Watch on wasps

Lord, clear my misted sight that I
May hence view Thy divinity,
Some sparks whereof thou up dost hasp*
Within this little downy wasp

From “Edward Taylor’s “Upon a wasp chilled with cold”.

This one died in the heat of the moment as it were but the camera has caught what Taylor saw in this insect.

Social, scrumper of orchards, plague of al fresco dining, woodcrafters, general pollinators, raider of spiders’ larders and pest controllers. 

Yes, all except the Queens will be dead by the end of summer and so the UKs Big Wasp Survey starts August 25th – September 8thClick to Register

4 thoughts on “Watch on wasps

    1. glad you noticed – I went for shallow depth of field with focus on the hairy thorax so the wings and shadow are blurry to suggest the finality of its flight

  1. That is an incredible capture. Thank you for explaining the shallow depth of field with focus…

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