Centre Point or Centrepoint?

The British Museum’s street lights and a photo from the 2017 archives with the original Centre Point landmark in undercover transition in the background. An icon of the sixties skyline, the office block, with the moniker ‘London’s empty skyscraper’, remained unoccupied for over a decade and became a site of  protest against the capital’s lack of affordable housing.

And nothing much has changed other than use, because with its luxurious re-vamp the New Centre Point is now the usual blend of exorbitantly priced flats for the investment opportunist and the blue chipped few.

By contrast Centrepoint is a young persons homeless charity begun not a stones throw away in Soho in the 70s – that says it all!

Am linking up to A Photo A Week Challenge: Street Lights

6 thoughts on “Centre Point or Centrepoint?

  1. Laura, you are coming up with some very unususl and interesting photographs. I am becoming more and more impressed with your “seeing eye”. Blessings

  2. This is so perfectly framed! And the contrast of the two Centre Points (Centrepoint) is very telling. Thank you for joining the challenge!

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