On closer inspection

Although I included a photo of  No. 1 Blackfriars in an earlier post this month, it was not until I took a closer look at this Dutch tilt view of it, that I noticed what the camera had captured and my eye had missed…

…the tiny dots are abseiling workers inspecting and/or cleaning the all glass construction, nominally called ‘the vase’.

August Pic of the Month – yes there have been plenty of grey skies and rain

18 thoughts on “On closer inspection

  1. It’s amazing what we miss when we look at something on such an immense scale. I’m not sure I would have spotted them on the photograph either without you pointing them out. Nice image.

  2. definitely not a job I would fancy!

    the camera always picks up the details the eye misses, which can be both pleasurable or absolutely frustrating … I like the weird/peculiar angle for the shot – it adds an interesting energy to an otherwise most likely fairly “dull” for the normal glass tower in the sky of most urban skylines.

      1. I can understand; when I used to be heavily into photography I would wander the streets (of Montreal, Canada) and look for all kinds of reflective surfaces. They are fascinating for what they do and don’t do to light, as well as in/out of the landscape. 🙂

  3. You have such a marvelous eye, Laura. What a shot! I, too am taken with that which reflects. There are trees that sometimes block my view of the night sky out back but I watch the reflection in the lake and it is far more glorious. Keep shooting; keep sharing!

  4. Dutch tilt – learned something again here today 🙂 . I wouldn’t have spotted those window cleaners if you hadn’t pointed them out…

  5. Illuminating discussion…what’s interesting here is how those specks of workers create a huge sense of scale and change the meaning of the image itself.

    1. well observed John – one ‘theme’ if I can call it that is to look for images where scale is made evident – a Lilliputian perspective which with all our city’s tower block is easy to achieve

  6. Incredible! It evokes inspiration- to see what man can achieve. Man is able to create something several thousand times bigger than himself. If we can do this, think of what good we could do with our dreams.

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