Posed but poised

I have resurrected this photo from a May visit to London’s Southbank to bring a bit of a warm glow to the next few days of cold and wet weather.

It matters not that I missed her feet and the top of the umbrella – it was this green-eyed girl’s smile I was aiming to capture. After her father had taken the photo I asked if I could too- he agreed and she was willing. I did not want to make her pose for long so this was the snappiest of snapshots as the rain came down again.

5 Comments on “Posed but poised

  1. Great capture! And lucky you the dad said yes – did you put your trust-inspiring face on? If so, please teach me, haha!


  2. Glow well received and much appreciated, Laura. It is dismally soggy in Shropshire. Sending you a virtual hug. Also thoughts of cocoa and crumpets and lighting the wood burner are now coming to me. In June!?


    • The glow of hot cocoa and heating appeals no end – these deluge days will surely ruin that annual berry fest I look forward to – PYO has just begun here 🍓🌨☔️

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