By the side of streams

Trees relieve
and water channels thoughts
as trickles to the font

On moorland, megalithic menhirs
circle an ancient presence
four forceful winds in turn
fail to scatter such silence

More tranquil still
moss-glossed by slow, shaded streams
rocks mute
the lightest of leaf fall

Lilian prompts us to seek ‘Tranquillity‘ in 44 words for today’s quadrille

26 thoughts on “By the side of streams

  1. Loving the alliteration here….I read it a second time but aloud so I could really hear the words. Tranquility, thy name is streams and moss and ancient rocks…mesmerizing!

  2. You had me at /megalithic menhirs/. Excellent word-smithing, imagery and phrasing. So far, this i\s my favorite poetic for this prompt; bravo.

  3. It takes a long collaboration beween the rocks, water, and moss, to carpet the rocks this way. It speaks of ancient wisdom that is found in nature. I love the idea of a tiny leaf falling on the cushion to rest.

    1. thanks Grace – I could only ever think of nature for this prompt – and the photo I recently took spoke a thousand words so I only had to find 44 😉

  4. So good – love the alliteration “More tranquil still / moss-glossed by slow, shaded streams…” is a terrific line – and the final leaf fall is almost loud amidst the quiet you’ve created here.

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