POM: September 2019

Ominous signs over Pegwell Bay. Nimbus clouds do more than threaten but being soaked on windy days is logically a short-lived discomfort and despite it all, I enjoyed a few days break, with walks on the Kent coast.

“Après moi, le deluge” – the French king Louis’ declaration could not be more appropriate to this month, especially beginning as it did with the tail-end of Atlantic hurricane Dorian and just at the Autumn equinox, with hurricane Humberto’s finale bringing further downpours and heavy winds. There were of course some brighter sunny times in-between but summer 2019 has not been at its best.

Pick of the Month: Marking the passing of the month with one photo though not always saving the best till last.

9 thoughts on “POM: September 2019

  1. “Après moi, le deluge” – we have the same saying in German, only I didn’t know it orginated from a French king. Fitting though… Thanks for enlightening me 🙂

    1. Interesting as it is attributed to Louis XV after the battle of Rossbachin when French forces were defeated by the Prussians! It reminds me of Emperor Claudius’ resigned statement: “Let all the poison that lurks in the mud, hatch out.”” (Robert Graves)

      1. I struggled with finding the word(s) that described the structure of the water’s surface…”tide lines”… yes! Is Lorenzo expected to be a concern?

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