Isolation #6

Today the UK is on lockdown and so we must all live in splendid isolation with absolute minimum contact with the outside for the next 3 weeks at least. This is somewhat comparable to living in a lighthouse which was probably the most isolated job you could do – these days they are all automated like this one – the Hurst Point light in Hampshire.
Read how this man coped with the isolation – I was one of the last lighthouse keepers
And for all lighthouse lovers – the Trinity House site which manages all the UKs sea navigation systems has lots of information to browse – now we have time on our hands

For as long as I'm well, am posting a pic a day to enhance these Covid-19 times of isolation

22 thoughts on “Isolation #6

  1. Ah, but we have been lighthousing it here in Orlando for more than a week (mostly self-imposed and then not). Since we are an intrinsic couple, separation from the peoply people is not saddening. Time for introspection and prioritizing — what’s real, what isn’t; what’s necessary, what would be lovely. And then there’s the cleaning…finally time for some cleaning.

    1. Initially voluntary for me too but now enforceable since many can’t do it with outside imposition! You are a lucky couple Charley- with time to clean and posit the importance of things – and of course time for more poetry from you! I live alone but able to enjoy my own company – I’m even a good conversationalist evidently as I catch myself thinking aloud!! 😉

      1. I haven’t been publically poeting lately. I keep saying I will submit some the I don’t know how many poems hidden in a cloud vault. My voice has been stilled by others who verse… for better or worse. Peace to you, Laura.

  2. I love lighthouses, and I have even been to this one, well to Hurst Point. Lovely photo and an excellent example of isolation.

    1. isn’t it a lovely spot? Such romance to lighthouses as well as the harsh realities of loneliness and madness (from the mercury lamps) and I’m thinking that Tom Nancoll’s history of UK lighthouses would make a good read for our isolation:
      Seashaken Houses”

      1. I can see a lot of book sales in the coming months, that’s if we can get them delivered. I’m not keen on ebooks.

  3. Beautiful image. We are hunkered down here, too, and have been for a week now. We do have lots of time now, don’t we? Stay well. 🙂

  4. Perfect image! Maybe this is the time to start clearing up dark corners in our house… and by ‘house’ I also mean our inner dark corners! 😉

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