” Play to me” she hears him say
with an ear on the look-out
for a familiar fugue. But
the cello has its own way to begin
each slow bow stroke over string
a warm caress traversing
guts in tempo. She reaches round
a full-bodied fondle
surrounding sound.
Only then from its guttural
gutsy regurgitation comes…

..ocean deep wails of whale, a calf
just dropped in Spring grass
gasping for water and air.
Now the fevered cries of sailors
drowned by siren songs
and albatross. Winds stir
her hair and sound waves summon
a tympanic typhoon – till beaten
back by landfall. Then sostenuto
feather-headed barley go
on their knees after the vanishing storm.
Rocks stand-off, stand firm and form
abstract silences in lustrous pools.
There’s just one last brush stroke
paint runs dry – and a clock
stops – mid-sentence.

“What piece, pray, was that you played?”
she seems to hear him say. Far hence
somewhere, middle distance.

Carrie has given us something musical to arouse our Sunday Muse

27 thoughts on “Extemporizing

  1. Yes, I think someone playing a magnificent instrument like the cello can definitely stir all creature of the earth. This is magnificent Laura! Your uummms and aahhhhs paid off!

  2. You have caught the rhythm and feel of a cello playing in the way you’ve written this. And then ending, so perfect. Brava!


  3. Perfect. Years ago a cellist friend and I performed a duet at a recital .. it was magical because of her .. the magic of the cello. You captured that in poetry.

  4. Wow. This is awesome. I love the wonderful images you have created with the music.

  5. Laura I love what you did with your poem. She, transported to another place. He, left far behind. Your imagery and all that goes with it are so skillfully woven.

  6. The cello can capture the deepest angst of the soul moreso that any other instrument. It subtle tones can quickly reduce me to tears. It seems to touch something deep within.

  7. Yes, when an instrument is played well it can move heaven and earth. Beautiful writing

  8. This is magical, Laura. A soft rhythm rushing in the heart and soul. 🙂

  9. …and then I suddenly was back with one of my teachers who played violin, and was able to make me see what he was playing…
    Thank you!

  10. she composes an ocean storm, that is cool, love the idea of that, and love the sounds in this, very well done.

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