Like ducks to water

I hear giddy voices.
Five would-be swimmers
Slap-slapping down the long, stone steps
And just where the orchard turns, their footfall
Deadened. Through summer-long grass,
they zig-zag, snatching at seedheads -- then plop
Into the slow, shallow stream.
Beaks green with weed.
Five silent swimmers.

Inspired by De’s quadrille prompt in 44 words: Stream

61 thoughts on “Like ducks to water

  1. Beautiful! I am pleased they took to the water so easily. Your imagery is so evocative, I felt like I was there by the stream watching them 🙂

  2. This is gorgeously rendered, Laura 😀 I love the image “Beaks green with weed.” 💝💝

  3. After writing a quadrille, and recounting the words, yes, the poems become a shape-shifter. I see the five ducklings painted on a tee shirt worn by a three year old.

  4. I love the scene your words created. I enjoyed every sewcond of it!

  5. kaykuala

    Love the idea of movements here, Laura! One can picture how the ducks eventually get into the water. Wonderful write, Ma’am!


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