The Ways

To every man there openeth
A Way, and Ways, and a Way…

The Ways ~ John Oxenham

The way a public right of way; the field gate swings shut on a stiff spring yet some previous walker has evidently been able to push it wide open. Not ideal when livestock are in the field but perhaps the gate is deliberately narrow for such eventualities as cattle could not escape through here!

Both of these photos were taken with Ricoh CX3 within a couple of weeks of each other but the latter was shot with the camera’s ‘text mode’ setting, which takes pen and ink style photos though designed primarily for its eponymous use!

And when a photo does not come up to scratch there are ways to improve or use it – here edited in Photoshop

Lots of ways we can join with Friday's Which Way Photo Challenge 

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    1. thanks Jude – it has all the extremes of light and dark on that camera setting and I’ve always liked the pen and ink effect, though I believe later Ricohs dispensed with this text mode

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